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A role play centered on the personal and professional lives of the tawardiest doctors around.

Welcome to Seoul General Hospital where the staff never enters a closed supply closet without knocking first. Where a wedding band means nothing and physician/patient relationships get intimate. At any moment a gunshot victim came come staggering in on foot and a socialite can arrive by porshe for her latest round of plastic surgery.

1. This is an Eastern Asian RP. Therefore we are accepting muses from all over Asia including: Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

2. Currently only 2 muses per mun. Please refrain from claiming muses from the same band (ie. Sooyoung and Sunny of SNSD, Shindong and Kangin of Super Junior)

3. This is an LJ and Aim based community. Para and action rping are both accepted.

4. Please post to the main community at least once a month to avoid being cut.

5. Try to post to your muse's blog (livejournal) weekly to keep others updated about what your muse is up to.

6. Absoulutely no god-modding/metagaming aloud. If you have questions as to what constitutes godmodding please contact the mod.

7. Please place hiatus posts in the OOC community.

8. We all love drama but please keep it in character. Out of character drama is a downer.

9. Have fun!

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